Hey! I’m Shikhar (obviously ;) ) and am happy that you ended up here. Currently I am a 2nd year student at NSIT, Delhi University (in case you , forgot :P) and a budding Computer Enginner XD. Here, I provide you with the honor of experiencing my first ever encounter with web development and in return getting all the help you will need to get through college studies (boring? Yeah)

Sitting idle at home (and successfully wasting a month and a half of holidays XD) made me realise I should do something productive. So after going over a few online video tutorials (basic XHTML, CSS3, JS and HTML5 (btw its thenewboston)) I decided to actually apply my knowledge to make something good (hopefully). Btw I’m also good at C and C++ (much better rather) but I wanted to expand my horizons and here I am.

With time and again as this website will grow and I'll be much better at my job than I am right now in the field of web development, I will welcome you for a collab with me in the future. Feel free to contact me :) .

A big thanks to you for reading and supporting me this far :D