Heyo ^.^

Welcome to this one stop shop for all your academic needs in college.

With the new syllabus coming up last year :) many-a-times I (and others too) would keep on searching for exam papers, only to realise that they have been mixed up into many different semesters.

This place would provide you all the papers (thank you college space) which have been sorted out subject wise (and not year wise) automatically reducing a lot of effort plus the notes provided here are the best ones available and more importantly: up to date! (Please thank Bhavya Bansal , Damak Bajaj and Tanvi Dadu for that).

For the First Sem this website will be common to all branches. However, for the Second Semester it will focus mainly on COE branch apart from a few common subjects like Maths, English, ADC (for IT), DLD (for IT and ECE) and many more (you’ll figure them out eventually). Extensive notes have been provided for EEE and English (for the first sem) though there are less for others. Although for the second semester detailed notes have been provided for each and every subject (massive amount for ADC :’) and Maths).

Lastly, any comments/suggestions would be highly appreciated (links have been provided at the bottom of the page) so as to make this portal a better one.